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Call or visit Elite Direct today for replacement alloy wheels covering a complete range of vehicle makes and models. The aesthetic appeal of alloy wheels makes them a popular choice for discerning vehicle owners undertaking their own customisation or modernisation work. We handle all wheel-fitting requirements or arrange for delivery if you plan to fit them yourself.

Elite Direct provides a full and professional service that begins when you first make the decision to upgrade your existing wheels. We’ll use information about your vehicle manufacturer and the type of chassis they use to identify suitable alloy wheels with the capacity to support your vehicle safely and to deliver superior handling qualities.

We have a wide range of styles, designs and finishes available that allow for complete customisation of your vehicle. If required, Elite Direct handles all tyre fitting and wheel balancing requirements to ensure optimum performance and to reduce the risk of poorly fitted alloy wheels causing premature wear to vital steering and suspension components.

Although alloy wheels are traditionally expensive through most retail suppliers, we are able to provide competitive prices on our entire product range. At Elite Direct, we’re committed to delivering value solutions for every automotive requirement and our alloy wheel prices are amongst the most affordable in the local Essex area.