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Wheel Alignment

At Elite Direct, we have one of the most advanced and adaptive wheel alignment centres in Essex. Based in Rainham, we provide professional alignment and tracking services to the highest and safest standards. With correctly aligned wheels, you could increase tyre life by up to 25% and save up to 10% on your typical fuel costs.

It’s important to understand why wheel alignment is such an important part of vehicle maintenance. By adjusting the wheel angles to manufacturer specifications, the vehicle handles correctly and never veers off to one side. In addition to improving vehicle safety, correct alignment preserves vital steering parts and achieves specific driving characteristics for motorsport or off-road use.

The irregular tyre wear caused by poor wheel alignment produces significant handling and driving safety risks that demand immediate attention. Continuous driving on poorly aligned wheels is a significant contributor to road traffic accidents and something as simple as hitting a kerb or pothole could compromise the safety of you and your passengers.

We use the latest LASER four-wheeled alignment systems from Hunter and John Beam. The process itself only takes thirty minutes and because we have four dedicated bays available, we can undertake the work while you relax and enjoy a complementary tea or coffee. Our modern alignment equipment is vastly superior to other tracking adjustment systems.